Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses .com is a place where you can vent about how much your bad boss sucks!

Go ahead and VENT about your Bad Boss!… you are going to feel really good about it!

At Bad (once we get this new website rolling) you will be able to read the stories of others, who like you, also have  bad bosses.

So do something about that Bad Boss of yours! Vent! Tell the world about your Bad Boss!

My Boss is bad

Go to the “Tell Us About Your Bad Boss” page, write your story about your bad boss here on Bad Bosses .com … You are going to feel great about it!

Vent about your Bad Bosses here


Over 75% of the working adults in the USA  say the worst part of their job, and the most stressful part of their job, is their BAD BOSS.  Bad Bosses create enormous health costs and they are a major source of misery for workers everywhere.

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